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O2, A Los Angeles and Dubai-based growth marketing agency, specializes in scaling and expanding brands.


We are a creative and performance marketing agency dedicated to scaling brand sales. We leverage analytics, along with consumer and market data, to craft highly effective advertising strategies.

Our beliefs

We believe that by integrating cutting-edge branding and digital services, we craft compelling campaigns that resonate deeply, sparking inspiration and fueling expansion. We recognize the vital role of beauty and meaning in captivating audiences and fostering genuine connections.

Why us

The Team

With a wealth of experience in digital growth projects, our team is adept at guiding brands to new heights online. We craft tailored strategies and execute innovative campaigns to drive tangible results, ensuring your brand thrives in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Commitment & Experience

Since we started, we have built a proven track record of achieving our clients’ communication objectives through a well-structured and effective process. Our approach is inspired by industry leaders, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation in branding and communication


People over profit

At O2, our core principle is prioritizing people over profits. We place utmost importance on our employees, customers, and community, ensuring top-tier products and services, fostering transparency, and promptly addressing feedback. While we recognize the significance of businesses for economic prosperity, we firmly believe it should never come at the expense of people’s well-being.

Mo Johmani
⎯ Founder & CEO
⎯ PR Manager
⎯ Account Manager
⎯ PR Media Relations
⎯ Project Manager
⎯ Art Director
⎯ UI/UX Expert
⎯ Filming Director
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Awards and recognition

We have passion in what we do and we let it speak for itself

2023 CSS Design Awards – Website of the Day

2023 CSS Design Awards – Innovation

2023 CSS Design Awards – Website of the Day

2023 Awwwards – Website of the Day

2023 Awwwards – Innovation

2023 Awwwards – Website of the Day

2023 Motion Awards – Website of the Day

2023 Motion Awards – Innovation

2023 Motion Awards – Website of the Day

Our services

Our Approach for establishing a cohesive Integrated Marketing Communications.

Our unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between people and brands is what distinguishes us. 

Our core approach involves delivering fully integrated communication campaigns, strategically blending all marketing tools to achieve a unified impact.