16 years of experience creating & designing digital platforms, brand identities, social media community management, content, and ideas that simply work.


Content & Design


We help future proof businesses by creating content and design that are exceptional, cohesive, accessible and relevant.


We focus on creating a cohesive, responsive, accessible experience in every environment from product design to service.


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eCommerce Products


Building robust digital commerce for web and mobile is more than design and development, it shouldn't stop there, success comes from your business model and customer journey.


Our team help clients to build a sustainable eCommerce business with our design, development and conversion optimization services, we measure the impact of what we do and make the needed adjustments in a timely manner to reach the next level of your business.


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UI & UX Development 


We specialize in creating intuitive user experiences and interface with a world-class design and development team that is based in Los Angeles, CA.


Working along with our expert business development team, we help clients build web, mobile applications and platforms from the ground up and acquire users utilizing our state of the art marketing strategies.


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Social & Community Engagement


We help businesses of all sizes develop their social media strategy, manage communities and develop campaigns that engage their audience in a friendly conversation.


We're talking about more human and personal touch, because it's human to connect, and people like doing business with other people.


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Branding Strategy & Design

Through disruptive idea design, purpose-driven positioning, powerful cultural aesthetic and identity, and dynamic creative expression through every brand touchpoint, channel and experience.


O2 team helps clients create brand ideas that are profitable and powerfully delivered, for maximum marketplace success and positive social impact.