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Our mission was to generate leads and manage user acquisition for Plotos while implementing creative sales funnel strategies.


Our client sought a long-term, sustainable plan for user acquisition to ensure ongoing growth and success.

The challenge lay in devising a user acquisition strategy that not only met the immediate needs of our client but also aligned seamlessly with their overarching long-term objectives, ensuring sustained growth and measurable success.


Our goal was to analyze top regional delivery platforms like Zomato and Talabat for valuable insights.

To achieve our goal, we conducted in-depth research into the operations and strategies of prominent regional delivery platforms, meticulously analyzing their approaches to customer acquisition, retention, and service delivery. By examining their user interfaces, marketing tactics, and customer feedback mechanisms, we gained valuable insights into industry trends and consumer preferences. Leveraging this knowledge, we were able to identify opportunities for optimization and innovation within our own platform, enhancing our competitive edge and positioning ourselves for success in the dynamic market landscape.


We devised a sustainable user acquisition plan that delivered tangible results, paving the way for long-term success.

Through thorough analysis and strategic planning, we developed a sustainable user acquisition strategy aligned with our client’s long-term goals. Implementing creative sales funnel techniques, we engaged users effectively at every stage, driving conversions and maximizing ROI. Our proactive approach and transparent communication ensured a collaborative partnership, resulting in tangible success and laying the groundwork for future growth.

A remarkable 5x growth for our client, catapulting their success to new heights

A remarkable 5x growth for our client, catapulting their success to new heights

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