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"Unparalleled: The Emaar B2B Sales App Redefining the Norm"

Revolutionizing Sales: Our iPad App and Table Connect Technology Simplifies Global Client Communication for Emaar Sales Team


Our client sought an application tailored for B2B sales, prioritizing an exceptional user experience above all else.

Through meticulous design and innovative features, we harmonized the demands of business functionality with the expectations of intuitive usability. Our solution ensures that sales teams can seamlessly navigate complex processes, access crucial data, and foster meaningful client interactions, all within a framework that prioritizes user satisfaction and efficiency.


The objective was to seamlessly design experiences for both iPad and Table Connect platforms while maintaining high levels of user engagement throughout.

Our aim was to align every stage of the app development with the needs of both end users and Emaar team clients. Thus, our focus was on creating a Content Management System (CMS) that is effortlessly user-friendly.


Our team initiated the process by thoroughly analyzing both the client's requirements and the dynamics of their target market, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their needs and objectives.

Following the analysis, we delved into designing the user experience and creating wireframes. Subsequently, we developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate user engagement, ensuring the app’s usability among end users. Opting for an iPad app alongside the Table Connect application, a larger-than-life device, we crafted an exceptionally intuitive app experience. The outcome was a highly successful result, meeting and exceeding expectations.

A finely crafted and expertly developed app will consistently captivate the hearts of its users.

A finely crafted and expertly developed app will consistently captivate the hearts of its users.

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