Beyond the Page: Etisalat's Interactive Annual Report Experience.

Embark on an immersive journey of transparency and innovation with 'Beyond the Page: Etisalat's Dynamic Online Annual Report Experience', where traditional reporting meets digital interactivity to bring the story of Etisalat's achievements to life.


The challenge likely involved balancing comprehensive data with engaging interactivity, ensuring technical compatibility, and maintaining data security.

One of the primary challenges was likely ensuring that the digital platform effectively conveyed the depth and complexity of the company’s financial and operational information. This would involve striking a balance between providing comprehensive data and maintaining user engagement.


We wanted to make Etisalat's annual report more engaging and accessible online, aiming to enhance stakeholder interaction and streamline information access.

Prior to beginning the project, the main goal was likely to enhance the accessibility and usability of Etisalat’s annual report by transitioning it into a dynamic online experience. This would involve improving stakeholder engagement, facilitating easier access to information, and presenting the company’s achievements and financial data in a more interactive and user-friendly format.


Transforming Annual Reporting with Dynamic Online Engagement

The result was likely a dynamic and user-friendly online annual report for Etisalat, featuring interactive elements that enhanced stakeholder engagement and facilitated easier access to key information.

Introducing the future of interactive annual reports.

Introducing the future of interactive annual reports.

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