Branding Strategy & Design

Comprehensive brand strategy

Many companies fail to understand that branding encompasses all touch-points and experiences that your customers have with your company. From your website and social media to your customer service and packaging, there needs to be a purpose-driven strategy that ensures alignment across all channels.

Our digital company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ensures that every brand touchpoint is an authentic, dynamic expression of your values and core purpose, bringing your dream vision to life.

Unique value proposition strategy to uncover your potential

Every brand has a distinguishing factor that sets them apart from the saturated marketplace. We help you find out your branding ‘superpower’ and amplify this across all branding elements.   

We get it, it can be hard to know exactly why customers should choose you over other companies. We’ve designed a process that will uncover your unique value proposition and allow it to shine through and make your brand the obvious choice for consumers.

Disruptive design

Long gone are the days of basic packaging and boring logos. Our digital company in Dubai and Abu Dhabi harnesses the power of design strategy to create assets that achieve maximum marketplace success and the best reputation for your company.

Purpose-driven positioning

People make purchase and lifestyle decisions based on emotions, not logic. We believe that behind every new venture is a founding story that once shared, has the power to attract target customers who believe in your mission.


By tying your brand’s purpose in your design and marketing efforts, we help you increase loyalty and advocacy because, at the end of the day, people love brands with a purpose.

What to expect when working with us

At O2, we dive deep into conversation with our clients to uncover meaning and craft the most compelling brand story. We use this insight to create a unique value proposition for your brand and from there, begin to carve out a clear and impactful brand identity.